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Together we can all play a part to support one another to ensure success for our community

Dear Merchant,

To join our merchants network we will be selling digital discount coupons for your business via mobile app. We’ll provide an easy, risk-free and zero cost solution to bring in new customers through our CouponLiban® Mobile App. This will help your sales to increase and more customers will come to visit your business! To join us please fill out the form below and we will contact you within 24 hours.

When You Partner With CouponLiban® You Get:

New & Repeat Customers

83% of customers visit an establishment because they have a CouponLiban® offer. 72% of them come back, even without a discount.

Brand Promotion & Awareness

We promote your business and offers in multiple ways – online & through our mobile apps.

Experience & Scale

CouponLiban® has been the leading provider of discount and saving products in the cities across Lebanon!

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